何所冬暖 何所夏凉 SEASON: Chapter 1.2

Oh Ye Lin, you made me giggle so many times in this section, while translating. Your hot and cold personality really isn’t going to win you any brownie points with Jian An Jie. We also got a little flashback of Ye Lin and An Jie’s first meeting when they were younger. This section was much more interesting because there were a lot more interactions between the main leads. The dynamic between the characters also posed such interesting contrast. An Jie is so calm and collected, while Ye Lin is just an explosive ball of fire!


Ye Lin regained his composure, “When did you return?” His cynical smile returned and he began to pick up the fallen papers from the ground.


“You’re not being a good friend. You’d returned and didn’t even inform me.”

“We aren’t really friends.”

“Really?” His tone was languid, mixed with satire.

Pu Zheng walked towards me, “Why didn’t you sleep longer?”

I sighed.

Due to Pu Zheng’s unintentional prompt, Ye Lin glanced at Pu Zheng and then looked back at me. “Didn’t know your relationship with Pu Zheng has already developed to this level. It seems I’ve been the ignorant one.”

“This has nothing to do with you.” I stated plainly. I know not a lot of people know about my relationship with Pu Zheng. It’s not like I’m deliberately concealing it, I just didn’t explicitly explain it, that’s all.

Pu Zheng pulled on his hair, “Ye Lin ah….”

“Pu Zheng, I’m hungry, is there anything to eat?”

Pu Zheng glanced at me, “Yes, wait a sec.” No longer trying to explain, he turned to walk towards the kitchen. He can always understand what I mean.

“Why are you here?” Ye Lin asked while looking at Pu Zheng’s back.

“No where to live.” I poured a glass of water from the table.

“Don’t tell me your Jian family is so big to the point that they don’t even have a place for you to live.”

My fingers trembled, and I almost dropped the cup in my hand.

“Don’t drink. Then, don’t drink too much water.” He frowned, then laughed again. “Going to France for six years, you finally know to return.”

I continued drinking water and didn’t reply.

“I thought you would stay there forever. What, Miss Jian finally completed her study aboard and now coming back to serve in her motherland?” Seeing that I wasn’t showing interest, his tone became dissatisfied.

“I haven’t graduated.” If I don’t reply, he will just continue to pester. So i picked the most dispensable topic that can appease him for a bit.

“You are still going back?”

“En.” He suddenly threw the documents on the coffee table. “Tell Pu Zheng I have something to do, I’m leaving first.”

“Okay.” I didn’t bother to care about his capricious attitude, nor did I intended to send him out.

“Okay? Ah, right, when you have time, come out for a meal. Ya Li misses you.” After speaking, he opened the door and left.

And the cup in my hands eventually did fall, shattering to pieces on the floor.

“I also only have contacts with him occasionally. Recently, he wanted to buy a house that’s located below our real estate company. That’s why we have more frequent interactions lately.” Standing by the doorway, Pu Zheng looked at the kitchen floor. He walked over, put down the breakfast tray and went to get a broom and dustpan to clean up the broken glass pieces from the ground.

“Originally, I thought you would sleep until the afternoon. Sorry sis.”

I was a little dazed, only after awhile I replied, “I’m going to wash up and then I will eat.”

“Actually, Ye Lin isn’t as cynical as he tries to appear. Yu Zheng said honestly, “He’s actually quite good.”

I smiled and didn’t say anything. However he is, it has nothing to do with me now. Six years of time can soften anything, including the feelings that you once thought would be everlasting.

– – – – – – – –

September of that year, mother sent me to school for registry. At that time, the summer was far from how hot it is now. The wind that passed through the trees were also cool. In my memory, mother at that time was extremely beautiful and tender.

Outside the office of academic affairs, I waited for mother to come out.

My grades were never good due to my poor health. Ever since I was young, I’d attended less school than others. Occasionally, I would even have to miss exams. As for why I can even attend this prestigious school, it’s just one example of money’s all powerful ability. Originally, using money to gain entry to good schools, I also felt ashamed. But since my parents didn’t care, gradually, I also became numbed.

“So, there are also girls who are bought in.” A sentence that’s clearly intertwined with irony, traveled to my ears.

I turned to look over and saw a fairly eye catching boy. Soft hair, white skin, nice face and a pair of shiny black eyes.

“I’m talking to you, can’t you hear me? Say something!”

“Are you deaf?” Seeing that I’m ignoring him, he continued to impatiently hurl more words my way.

Truthfully, I was just trying to think of how to reply him, but his patience seemed particularly thin.

“What are you smiling at?”

“You’re noisy.” I said. Even though his voice sounded nice, but when he used his high tone, it sounded unusually weird.

“What did you say?”

At this point, mother walked out from the office and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go.”

I told him “goodbye” (or in Chinese, it can be see you again) and followed in my mother’s direction.

This was the first time I met Ye Lin. Impatient and arrogant.

In the following six years, this Ye Lin boy overbearingly intruded into my life and monopolized majority of my time and mind.

– – – – – –

I looked at my slightly paled face in front of the bathroom mirror. If time could be reversed, would I still want that kind of six years? The answer is negative.

Feeling lonely after experiencing sweetness, this is even more effective than sulfuric acid at corroding one’s internal organs. So, if I knew the ending beforehand, from the beginning, I wouldn’t have put myself in that scenario. Because the torture of yearning is too scary.

Fortunately, now, I no longer miss him.

“An Jie, your phone has been ringing. Should I bring it in for you?” Pu Zheng’s voice traveled in from outside the door.

“No need. I will be out immediately.”


Putting away my reminiscent memories, I opened the door and took the phone that Pu Zheng had brought over. 7 missed calls,  all from the same phone number, and no name displayed. Just as I was about to call back, the phone rang again. Still the same number. I pressed the answer key.

“Jian An Jie.”

Sure enough, it’s him. Ye Lin.

“Why didn’t you pick up the calls earlier?” Although the question was meaningless, however, you hear the unhappiness in the tone.

“Do you need me for something?” I didn’t want to waste time. Since I’d already decided to not care about him anymore, maintaining civility is best. Thus, today and in the future, any involvements just seem superfluous.

“I can’t call you if there’s nothing?”

Still like to be so pretentious…..


“It’s not convenient to talk? Pu Zheng is beside you?” He soften his tone but there’s also a hint of probing.

Him asking these insignificant questions is really unnecessary. “If nothing, I’m going to hang up.”

“What did you say?”

“Just try and hang up! Jian An Jie. If you hang up, I will right now, immediately, at once, appear in front of you and smash your cell phone!” He was no longer laughing. I was a little stunned by his sudden anger. Even though I knew since the beginning, his soften tone was to suppress his dissatisfaction, but I didn’t think that he would be this hysterical.

“Then what do you want to say?” I no longer hope to finish this call in a hasty manner.

The person on the other end also seem to realized his inappropriate loss of control. “Apologies.” The casual tone was back. “I’m still at Pu Zheng’s downstairs. Can you come down for a bit? I want to talk to you alone.”

“I can’t.” I don’t want anymore unclear entanglements. I’ve never been good at finding reasons, or making excuses, so it’s better to just flat out refuse.

“Good. Very Good. Jian An Jie, you always have a way to make me feel like I’m doing something guilty!” Without waiting for my reply, he hung up the line.

The hand that’s tightly gripping the phone was starting to hurt. I remembered the words he said to me on the day we broke up. His cold words were even more piercing than ice and snow. During that first year in France, if I thought of him, I would feel like someone had stabbed me in the heart with a sharp knife.

He said: “France. United States. You can go wherever you want. The further, the better. If it’s out of sight, out of mind, that’ll be the best!”

I hope this line, he can perform as promised from the beginning till the end.


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