FOOD DIARY: Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

Another update on some of the food I’ve had recently that I’d remembered to capture. Confession Time: I really don’t have the habit of taking food pictures before eating. Now that I’ve decided to share it on my blog, I’ve been making a conscious effort to do it more often.  However, this still depend on who I’m dinning with. Sometimes, it feels super awkward, while other times, it seems so natural. I’ll just go with the flow for now ~~

Every restaurant on this list, I’ve been to multiple times before. Whether it’s because I really liked it, or out of convenience. And some I probably won’t be returning to ever again.


Mixed Veggie Omelette (w/Cheese) and French Toast with Fresh Fruit and Cinnamon

61 Bellevue Ave, Toronto, Ontario


Love this little restaurant located in the heart of Kensington Market. This place is quirky, the sun patio is welcoming and the food is amazing. The last time we were here, we ordered the exact same thing. I’m a huge sucker for ordering omelette at all day breakfast. We’ll definitely try the other selections next time.


Seafood Super Bowl Congee and Tiger Shrimp in Maggi Sauce

5817 Yonge St, North York, Ontario


Not my favourite, but it does the job. The portions are huge! So definitely have a buddy to share the meal with. These tiger shrimps are super yummy and the congee is always cooked just right. Funnily enough, when the congee first arrived, we thought there was no way we can finish it. It looked like it can feed 4 people, 2 bowls each. However, by the end, there was barely any left. I’ll count this meal a success.



Home Style Stir Fried Pork and Spicy Fried Chicken

5649 Yonge St, North York, Ontario

$10 – 15

Not sure if I’ll be returning to this place again. The service here was extremely slow. I came during lunch time, and was very impatient and cranky when it took forever for the food to arrive.  I suffer from a severe case of hangry…. Not to mention, the food here wasn’t all that appetizing either.


The Standard breakfast, The Majestic, and Ring My Bell

1132 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

$10 – 15 ~

Look so fine, taste so bad…. One plus side to this place? Its open 24 hours. We went in close to midnight and all I can remember from the meal was how cold everything was. The burger’s meat wasn’t even fully cooked. Gah! So gross. The interior was lit really dimly, making it even harder to see how everything was.



1132 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario

$15 ~

They serve lunch buffet every day from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. They have a good selection of meat and veggies. Everything was pleasantly fresh and flavoured so perfectly. My appetite isn’t as good as it used to be, so after one round, I was already pretty full. Nonetheless, I still went for seconds and dessert. The ice cream was a great way to cap off the meal.

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