DRAMA RAMBLE: Because of You

As my first post, I’m going to post a quick ramble on a drama I’ve been following for the past few weeks. Truthfully, even I’m surprised I’ve managed to watch so much of it when the plot line is truly vomit inducing.



Just a quick introduction on the drama:

  • Because of You (因为遇见你) is a 2017 Chinese drama. 56 episodes.
  • The story follows the lives of 2 girls, Zhang Guo Guo (Sun Yi) and Zhang Yu Xin (Wu You), as they navigate their way through love, rivalry and betrayals.
  • Zhang Guo Guo, who’s real identity is the daughter of a famous embroider, lost her memory when she got hit by a car driven by Wang Ai Yu. Instead of helping Guo Guo find her real parents, Ai Yu (wonton store owner) decided to raise Guo Guo as her own child to avoid suspicions from the police.
  •  Zhang Yu Xin, the real daughter of Wang Ai Yu, is an ambitious girl that is willing to do anything to get ahead in life. Through various methods (none of which were honest), she managed to become the adopted daughter and apprentice of Guo Guo’s real parents.
  • Zhang Yu Xin had to continuously fabricate lies to maintain her status (you know what they say, create one lie and you need another 10 to keep that lie from unraveling), while living on pins and needles knowing that one day, the perfect life she has created for herself, will come crashing down.


Now onward to my opinion ~~~

Zhang Yu Xin is stealing the thunder in this show from Zhang Guo Guo, the main lead. It’s not really that hard to surmise. Guo Guo being the virtuously good, Mary Sue, Candy Girl found in almost every melodrama. Her weak and sacrificial personality got on my nerves real fast. Yu Xin, on the other hand, despite being the most despicable and exasperating character I’ve seen in long while,  her outrageous behaviours and lack of remorse is seriously providing me with so much entertainment. Every time I think I can’t stand to watch another episode, she does something even more non-sensical and ridiculous that I just have to see how will the life she’d built on pile of lies crumble. I’m currently on episode 39 and I can already see the cracks. I’m waiting with bated breath for her to get her full sentence.

I can’t say I would recommend this drama. But if you’re looking for a character that’s likely universally hated by every viewer, than maybe give this show a shot. Or not… 56 episodes worth of eye rolls might not be good for one’s health.

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