嗨,我的男人 Hi, My Man: Chapter 1.2

So far, the main girl seems a bit shallow and very forthcoming with her opinions, in terms of her likes and dislikes. Not to say these are necessarily bad traits to have, but I’m waiting impatiently for her to show me something that’ll make me warm up to her as a character.

The Single Me (2)

My graduate school was in the same school as my undergraduate. There wasn’t any reason in particular, except that the school gave preferential treatment for their own students, and there’d be more assurance when attending.

During every new stage or new environment, I always feel abnormal in the beginning.

Just like in junior middle school, in freshman high school and in first year university.

Thus, before school began, I had fully planned everything. In particular, I had focused on solving two major problems.

First, I needed to study hard. (I still cared about improvements).

Second, I really must find a man now.

Since I’m still attending my original school, the issue of getting myself familiar with the environment was nonexistent. So when school began, there was no adjustment period, I was full speed ahead in the search.

Its better to find a thousand wrong one, than to lose that one!

Wasn’t there a saying: Hasty people won’t get to eat hot tofu*

Restaurants, supermarkets, university activity centre, plum garden, and bus stops. At that time, I really had been in a rush. Even when I passed by the male washroom, I would always pause for a bit; “encounter by fate”.

Afterwards, I decided to go to the ballroom dance hosted by the university activity committee on the top floor.

I’ve never attended those during my undergraduate years, because rumours had it that majority of the attendees were all red-eyed, hunger thirst men. However, I’m not afraid now, because aren’t my eyes also exhibiting the same thing?

I took the invitation given to me by someone and went.


In the beginning, I had harboured some hope. Hoping that there will be an awesome man in there with superior dance skills.

Wasn’t there another saying: Audacious people are mostly ignorant.

I entered inside audaciously, but reality showed me how ignorant I was in having such hope.

I scanned the room, everyone could be categorized into three groups.

  1. The wretched-looking type: their eyes were wretched, their smile was wretched.
  2. The negative energy type: One look can tell they have studied too much. They lacked vitality and interest.
  3. The disorderly type: Their body was twisted as if a tendon was pulled. The head swayed so quickly, it looked like it was about to leave the body.

I gripped the ticket tightly, as I stared closely at the audience.

“Student, do you have a dance partner? If possible, shall we dance together?”

Romantic setting, romantic confession.

I turned around to look at the person.

The person seemed slightly nervous, I was also nervous.

I couldn’t see the person’s face, all I can focus on was the gap between his two front tooth.

It was so black.**

Whatever else he said, I didn’t catch it. I felt like I can only hear the sound of the wind blowing.

I evenly uttered a “no thanks” and fled.

I felt extremely depressed. If I thought about today’s misfortunes, along with this month, and the previous four years in undergrad, sudden sorrow that felt like a force of unstoppable rolling snowball hit me.

When I passed by the first floor ticket booth, I turned around again.

I’d only entered for less than ten minutes, for a five dollar ticket, I can probably get a refund right?

“Student, please refund my ticket.”

The male student raised his head and said, you’ve got to be kidding me.


*心急吃不了熱豆腐 – Idiom: One has to be patient/Hastiness will ruin everything.

** Please note that the text has half a sentence more explaining the gap between the teeth, but I don’t really know how to directly translate it. I think it was along the line of how black they were (she was probably very turned off by it…)



Side Ramble

I seriously walked into this novel blind… again. Probably not the best idea in retrospect.  I only took into account how short each chapter were and how light and breezy the storyline was said to be. What I didn’t realize was how many modern expressions, slang terms, or just in general, shorten phrases that were going to be in the novel.  Although, maybe I should’ve expected it, considering the narration is by a youthful university student. This makes it much more challenging to find the direct translation for certain phrases. More or less, if directly translated, it’ll make little sense in English, but if paraphrased, I have to battle with how much to change so that the novel’s original flavour is still preserved.

Those that read the first chapter probably already have noticed that this novel is written mostly in fragmented sentences, making the overall flow and transitions not that smooth. Also, Chinese sentence structures are so different compared to English. So, if a sentence seemed off or incomplete, it can sometimes be attributed to that (though, not always. Sometimes it’s just mistakes made by me… =.=)

All in all, that my long ramble way of saying, if there are any mistakes found in the translations, forgive me, I’ve tried my best. It will also be greatly appreciated if kind souls will point out those mistakes so I can revise and improve on them next time : )

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